UDSOLGT 2022 4BDW desert hybride paulownia – from + 50 to minus 10 degrees C …………………….”The desert rats”

DKK 28.000,00 DKK 20.000,00

Contract of deliverance from February to March

Health certified with EU-plant-passport

4BDW is The Sahara Desert Paulownia tree.

O N L Y for project Great Green Wall !

To be planted in the Great Green Wall project under UN (or similar habitats). It will after 3-4 years of pleasant care send its roots down to 100 ft. / 30 meters to consume water.

It will grow up to 5 meters pr year, and after 5 years of growing, you can harvest the trees for timber, animalfood and firewood again and again and again … it will regrow each time after cutting.

Pls send mail to info@paulownia.dk for futher informations


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